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Every car owner and enthusiast is looking for top-notch products to use in different applications with their cars.

After all, spending a considerable amount and having an arsenal of passion will always get you to find the highest quality of products that offer the best results.

Car Maintenance Tips

About Us

You ride your car every day; you try to keep it in immaculate condition, and most importantly, driving your beloved car offers you immense satisfaction.

You want to ensure your car performs to its fullest potential and offers you the joy of driving.

You will often use multiple products to carry out regular maintenance, cleanups, and possible modifications, and of course, you are a firm believer that only the best products are allowed to be within a foot of your vehicle.

This is where WheelsMaestro makes a difference.

Our Agenda

Having a profound passion for cars ourselves, we are a community of experts helping people like you and everyone else make purchases of the right accessories and products to use for their cars.

We understand whether it is lubricants, additives, tire inflator, exterior wax, or jumper cables, take benefit of our expert reviews and recommendations.

At WheelsMaestro, we are trying to build a culture of empowering customers, offering them the utmost autonomy to do nothing but make the right choice and cherish the results.

Customers are often left stranded or bear a lackluster experience, ultimately wasting their time, money, and energy on useless products that should not be out there in the first place. It is our objective to promote what offers guaranteed satisfaction and results.

Our Team

Car mechanics

Eugen Neacsu

Engineering expertise meets business acumen – the founder of WheelsMaestro who holds a Master’s Program in Automotive Engineering from the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iași always exuded a true passion for cars.

Having experienced countless products and accessories himself, Eugen understood the gap between brands and customers where the latter often settled for an unsatisfactory experience.

Eugen Neacsu - Founder Wheelsmaestro

At the same time, Eugen always aspired to channel his analytical skills and bank of knowledge into entrepreneurship prospects. He realized that it was about time the customers be facilitated by a trusted party who could influence and empower them to make the right choice about buying car products and accessories. Therefore, a powerful influencer like WheelsMaestro could emerge into the role of a governing body, a facilitator, and a champion of customers, as asserted by Eugen.

Daniel Furtunatu

Technical excellence meets entrepreneurship – the co-founder of WheelsMaestro, who is also qualified in the Masters Program in Automotive Engineering from the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iași.

Daniel benefits from credible market experience having vast knowledge in technicalities of automotive products and accessories, which allows him to share the stage with experts whose advice and recommendations remain resourceful.

CO-FOUNDER Daniel Furtunatu

Daniel got inspired to push companies to advance in research and development of products, formulated with core ingredients and specifications which can offer amazing results. He understood with his technical knowledge and skills, he can transfer a share of his expertise to the customers by inspiring them to make a choice that works for them. A future-forward thinker and passionate individual who lays great emphasis on building trust between brands and customers by pushing brands to develop a progressive approach in affording proper satisfaction, and the customers having a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.

Content Manager
Ollie Crooks

Of course, we are as good as the people we work with and in this regard, Crooks with his commendable knowledge in auto-engineering and automotives is an integral part of WheelsMaestro.

As a Mechanical Engineer, Crooks brings in a rich experience and a profound ambition to assume his responsibility to facilitate our readers.

Ollie Crook - Wheelsmaestro

He plays an important role in attributing his skills and knowledge in our platform’s reviews of automotive products and accessories. Crooks’ genius is shown when it is about picking the right kind of products out of a choice of many. His inspection of products is a resourceful advantage that we have.

Our Story

As with all remarkable stories, it all started with two energetic and passionate boys in Romania coming across each other in their university. Both like-minded individuals quickly became strong friends. After graduating, they moved to New York City in search of promising job opportunities.

Having worked in different industries with corporations, Eugen and Daniel came to an assertion that they wanted to set up something of their own. Coming in contact with their shared interests and passion for automobiles, they started the platform of WheelsMaestro, a website for offering advice related to cars and automotive products and accessories.

Since the website started taking a promising direction and opened bigger opportunities, they left their full-time jobs to channel their time, energy, and focus on building this platform.

How We Review Products

Our team is a bunch of business professionals, mechanics, car detailing workers, and experts who benefit from an incredible resource working in the automotive industry in different capacities.

Throughout their run, they have come across a plethora of products and applied them to their best use. It allows them to have better insights on the specifications of a product and its anticipated results.


At WheelsMaestro.com, we consider our recommendations a big deal, which is why we break down each product and find out all the possibilities with it. We only endorse genuine products that are market compatible and can only prove to be resourceful. Our objective is to empower the customer towards making the right choice, so we list every possible detail about each product which can sway their decision-making. Since our team comprises of many professional experts, each product goes into the hands of our consultants who give the final judgment with all facts.

Product Testing

A product may claim to perform a certain way yet we run it through different tests and trial phases just to understand its application in the practical environment. Testing reveals important facts about a product that may only be known after usage. Our team understands that this piece of knowledge is important for customers, which is why we gather all facts – whether good or bad – beforehand and present it to the customers.

User Reviews

Not just our recommendation, but we survey products with typical users. We then take into account details from their own experience about using the product. Users are likely to perceive different things about a product and may have conflicting expectations, and this is all valuable insights for us to run a rigorous analysis into a product.

Reputable Brands

Some brands indeed having a strong reputation work better. We filter brands according to their quality and market reputation. This way, we also list down the names and properties of products that you need to steer clear from. Plus, oftentimes customers are kidded into making wrong choices with non-genuine products.

More Uses of Products

Products are usually meant to perform in a certain way. However, we understand there can be different other possibilities in the application of a specific product. This allows customers to take a step back from investing in other equipment and have a single product for multiple uses.

Making the Right Choice

We have assumed a communal responsibility to help customers make the right choice. A pricey product cannot guarantee results. A product that is well marketed cannot live up to its expectations, which is why we eliminate all factors of marketing gimmicks and persuasive selling to inspect these products in real-time usage. Our recommendations only come after strong testing through multiple phases which reveals important facts for a customer’s knowledge. Expect only the best products to be endorsed on our platform.

Editorial Guidelines

Curating quality content can take some amount of time. For us, the utmost priority remains customer satisfaction, and our content is based and tailored in a way that it provides a mere visitor with some sort of value. Our entire creative process is invested in scooping out valuable content for our users.

Additionally, we hold transparency as a sacred value. We do not hold back any factual information from the customers. We understand that all the pros and cons of a product should be put out there, and there should not be a bias whatsoever.


Do you have any questions? Reach out to us now and get assisted right away.

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