About “WheelsMaestro” & Team

We at WheelsMaestro aim to provide thorough expert reviews of the products available in multiple automobile niches.

We share your concern and empathize with your confusion that comes up with increasingly complex purchase options out there. Especially when it comes to automobile products, the complexity becomes a nightmare with awfully complicated product features and details.

“Pricey” does not always guarantee the best quality, and a “Big Feature Pack” may not always be an efficient choice. “Smart and efficient choices,” for your needs is what we ensure through our expert product reviews. Our “Buying Guides” are the excellent picks in any product niche based on two fundamental values, a perfect match to the users’ needs and best value for money.

Our experts review the products against key parameters including price, performance, user experience, and best value for money. The review exercise aims to put the products to a rigorous test against the key and relevant parameters. The 10 best picks or as we call them “Lists” are then ranked with respect to their performance results and user value, including the best performers for specific usage.

Meet Our Team

Luqman Khan - Founder Wheelsmaestro

Luqman Khan

One of the founders of WheelsMaestro.com is a PC gamer addict. Like you, he was out there experiencing the same confusion in a buyer’s journey, i.e., the choices’ dilemma!

It took him years of research and effort to understand and simplify this sophisticated buyer’s journey. Empathizing with his fellow consumers, he decided to use that hard-earned knowledge and product research expertise to streamline the consumer buying process.

He embarked on this journey alone, but over the years, he was able to team up with people who share his passion for making “Consumer choices easier.” WheelsMaestro is now serving a wide range of audience with thorough, credible, and relatable product reviews, which makes it easier for them to find the best product fit for their needs.

Mohammad Tahir - Wheelsmaestro

Mohammad Tahir

Another founder of Wheelsmaestro and a business graduate. He helps keep up the excellent work of wheelsmaestro.com with communication and operational support. He keeps our users engaged, helps them with their queries, and provides customized solutions to them based on their individual needs with the backing from our niche experts. He is also responsible for team management and operational workflows here.

Furqan Shahid - Wheelsmaestro

Furqan Shahid – Technical Writer & PC Gamer

He is a veteran PC gamer, heavy metal music lover, and our technical writing superstar. He can simplify the complex purchase decisions with his relatable and straightforward writing style.

Furqan has a keen eye for the relevant product features and strong empathy for the buyers’ needs. He writes easy to understand thorough reviews that even a layman buyer can easily understand and relate to.

Rebecca Nasser - Wheelsmaestro

Rebecca Nasser – Car Aholic

Rebecca comes up with excellent car accessory ideas, and she is a creative addict when it comes to driving. She is always in search of the best car accessories which can help you in driving miles with ease. She is also a console gamer.

Ollie Crook - Wheelsmaestro

Ollie Crook – Technical Writer

We call him our “King of the technology ring.” Ollie is a network engineer, and he surely knows his way around technology products. He can hunt down the best of the best in-car technology niche.

Ollie has this super ability to decipher the increasingly complex features of his department. He puts them to a rigorous test and carves out the wheelsmaestro from the latest car products out there. His reviews are thorough, simple, and easy to relate to your specific needs. You can rely on Ollie’s supernatural reviews for your needs.