Best Car Wax 2022 – Reviews, Buying Guide and FAQs

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The Best Car Wax of 2022:

There are many reasons why you would want the car wax…

You may want your ride to look amazing or you want to protect the paint job on the car. There is a healthy amount of great car waxes available in the market.

A good quality car wax is not only capable of enhancing the look of your car but also help protect the paint layer. Often, a car wax also makes the color of your vehicle shine. Looking good while protected is one of the major reasons why people are after the car wax.

Several factors need consideration while purchasing the best car wax for your car. One of the major features you must consider is the application.

Liquid car waxes are generally easier to apply on the vehicle while the paste based waxes a little bit harder to apply. We will, of course, discuss all of the features after we’ve introduced the best car polishes.

Best Car Wax 2022

The best car wax of 2022 was selected by actually applying it to our vehicles at the office.

We might have accidentally applied it to a car that didn’t want anyone in the office, we did leave a note apologizing though. However, we really doubt that a shiny looking car would offend anyone.

Basically, we took all the products, selected various cars, portioned each area on the car, and went to work.

While the testing process may not be scientific at all, it was certainly practical and allowed us a deeper insight on how to properly apply, handle and finish off a wax job.

Granted, most of us were already familiar with the whole process, but some of the newbies needed some training.

Meguiar's G182161st Meguiar's G18216
Best Synthetic Car Wax
Liquid Wax
16 Fluid Ounces
Check Price
Rain-X 50775572nd Rain-X 5077557
All in One
Wash and Wax
64 Ounces
Check Price
CarGuys Hybrid Wax3rd CarGuys Hybrid Wax
Best Carnauba Wax
Liquid Carnauba
18 Ounces with Towel
Check Price
Chemical Guys WAC_201_164th Chemical Guys WAC_201_16
Smooth like Butter
Paste Wax
1.15 Pounds
Check Price
MEGUIAR'S D15601 Synthetic5th MEGUIAR'S D15601 Synthetic
Epic Shine
Spray Wax
128 Fluid Ounces
Check Price
P&S Detailing Products C250P6th P&S Detailing Products C250P
Best Paint Protection
Spray Wax
1.25 Pounds
Check Price
Chemical Guys TVD_109_167th Chemical Guys TVD_109_16
Super Shine
Spray Wax
16 Ounces
Check Price
Mothers 07240 California Gold8th Mothers 07240 California Gold
Maternal Touch
Spray Wax
Original Kit
Check Price
Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat9th Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat
Armored Finish
Spray Wax
8 Ounces
Check Price
Chemical Guys TVD_10910th Chemical Guys TVD_109
Large Application
Spray Wax
8.85 Pounds
Check Price

So without further ado, let’s start talking about the best car waxes you can consider buying.

Best Synthetic Car Wax

Meguiar's G18216 - Best Synthetic Car Wax

  • Synthetic Car Wax.
  • Awesome paint protection technology.
  • The lifespan is better then others.
  • Easy to apply on the cars.
  • Can be applied directly under the sun.

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There was a lot of debate regarding the number one place on the best car wax of 2022 list. Ultimately, the Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax won because of several factors.

However, we want to be clear here, this is not a carnauba wax for cars.

The Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax is synthetic car wax and it is surprisingly close to what a carnauba wax can offer.

Using synthetic polymers, the Meguiar’s wax offers superior application as well as great protective powers that are absent from other car waxes.

Sure, there’s something alluring about the natural deeply rich look a carnauba wax can achieve but the Meguiar’s is not far behind at all.

  • Shining: The Meguiar’s liquid wax claims that it will be able to outshine and outlast traditional waxes.
    (It was a bold claim until we actually tested the wax for our self and turns out, it is actually true.)
  • Lifespan: While a traditional car wax can last 3 months max, the Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax lasted around 4-5 months.
  • Claim: It can be applied in direct sunlight.
    (We tried testing out the claim but working in direct sunlight wasn’t comfortable for us so we moved back inside.)
  • Ease: Regardless of the location, the Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax is fairly easy to apply as well.

It comes with a practiced microfiber cloth and a pad that makes it easy to apply the wax on your vehicle.

Downside: It is not able to match the deep and rich shine of carnauba waxes. However, the difference is so minute that you’ll be hard-pressed to find it.

We applied it side-by-side and it was really hard to tell the difference.

The Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax uses something called Thin-Film and Hydrophobic Polymer Technology.

Both of these combined provide a strong barrier against ultraviolet rays, watermarks, and stains. The synthetic polymer wax is capable of increasing surface tension on the painted surface.

This means any water beads that drop on your car will have a hard time hanging onto it. This will also result in fewer streak marks and watermarks.

So the Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax not only looks amazing but also provides a protective shield for your paint job.

  • Easily applicable.
  • Good packaging.
  • Hydrophobic properties.
  • Shine is not top-of-the-line.
All in One

Rain-X 5077557 - All in One

  • Quick to apply.
  • Wash and wax at the same time.
  • Provides protection against environmental conditions.
  • Provides awesome finish shining to the vehicle.
  • Money and time saving product.

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The decision to put Rain-X Carnauba Wax at the 2nd place on the list was a really hard one.

Frankly speaking, there is a lot going on with the Rain-X Carnauba Wax and most of it is phenomenally good. So we are going to make a very bold statement here:

“If you want a car wax to do the washing and the shining, then Rain-X Carnauba Wax should be your number one choice.”

It is a bit controversial to say this but during our testing, we found that the Rain-X Carnauba Wax is simply that good.

Not only it allows you to wash your car but also gives it a beautiful deep shine as well. The Rain-X Carnauba Wax makes it easy to wash and wax your vehicle all in one application. This means that you don’t have to wash and wax your car separately, it can be done together saving time and money for you.

  • The Rain-X Carnauba Wax comes with a unique formula that protects your car against environmental conditions and also leaves a beautiful looking shine.
  • Really love the deplaning form that easily dissolves and take cares of any dirt and mud on the vehicle.
  • At the same time, the soft gel carnauba wax provides great protection and brilliant looking shine.

We highly recommend that you don’t wash the car in direct sunlight.

Procedure of using a carnuba wax:

Using 100% cotton cloth makes it easier to dry a car and not leave any kind of marks behind.

We followed the instructions that came with the Rain-X Carnauba Wax and used 1 ounce of Rain-X Carnauba Wax in a bucket. Started applying the soapy water from the top of the vehicle with a sponge, rinsed off with clean water from the hose and dried with a cotton cloth.

The results were phenomenal say the least.

The Rain-X Carnauba Wax is the perfect solution for those who don’t have a lot of time on their hands and need to get their vehicle washed and looking beautiful in a short amount of time.

While the polish might not be as deep or glossy looking than other waxes on the list, it gets the job done remarkably well.

  • Super easy to use.
  • Washes your car as well.
  • Great protection.
  • The weather protection is not as good as synthetic waxes.
Spray n Pray

CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant - Spray n Pray

  • Spray synthetic wax with infused carnauba polymers.
  • Compatible on a number of surfaces. (Plastic, Rubber, Metal, etc)
  • Easy to apply on the car.
  • Provides awesome shining.
  • A single spray for 2×2 area is more than enough.

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The CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant is a hybrid beast, that much is implied by the name itself.

A major point to be noted here is that it is not a pure car wax, however, it does come infused with powers that make it a respectable one.

Basically, the CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant is a fairly new synthetic spray sealant that has carnauba wax infused in it.

The company sees it’s a very unique and patented polymer additive.

We’re not interested in what the company says, we are only interested in what the product does.

The CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant exceeded our expectations during the testing phase and quickly became one of our favorite spray wax. One of the biggest advantages of using the CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant is its spray based nature.

The spray makes it a lot easier to apply on the vehicle and as a result, reduces time and effort spent on making your car shine.

  • Compatibility: Another great thing about the CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant is its compatibility with a lot of different surfaces.
  • Applicable: Most waxes leave a white residue on surfaces other than metal and paint, the CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant, however, is perfectly fine on plastic and rubber.
    (So you basically don’t have to worry about applying it to plastic surfaces at all, it will work just as fine on them as well. This also means that you can easily apply to the rims of your vehicle, without any worries of white residue or streaks.)
  • Application: Just need to shake the bottle well before using and spray directly onto the surface. One point to be noted here is that this wax needs a singular spray for a 2 x 2 section.
    (Very little product is actually needed to make your car shine so don’t overdo it and make sure it is just one spray.)
What’s not good in it?

If your car is remotely hot, or even warm, the CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant will not apply perfectly. So you cannot use it in the sun at all or even right after a drive.

It is highly recommended that you use it in shade and also check for the temperature of your car. If the paint feels warm to the touch, the CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant will turn into a goopy mess.

  • Easy application.
  • Superb shine.
  • Can only be used on a cold surface.
Best Carnauba Wax 2022

Chemical Guys WAC_201_16 - Best Carnauba Wax 2022

  • 100% Carnauba based wax.
  • Easy to put on and take off the car.
  • Good for all kind of paints (metallic, ceramic and others).
  • Provides rich deep shining to the car.
  • Immense protection against ultraviolet lights and water spots.

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The Chemical Guys Butter Wax is a high-quality product that provides an exceptional shine to your vehicle.

The first thing we noticed is the sweet smell of bananas when we opened the packaging and it is a very pleasant smell to leave in your car.

The Chemical Guys Butter Wax provides a very deep and glossy finish to your car paint and remains on it for a remarkably long time as well.

The Chemical Guys Butter Wax is made from carnauba which is also known as Palm wax or Brazil wax.

As you are probably aware that the carnauba wax is made from the leaves of the palm. Chemical Guys refined the flakes and combine them with various lubricating agents and oils to make the Chemical Guys Butter Wax.

It is a very high-quality product that leaves a lasting shine to the paint.

  • Application: One of the biggest advantages of using the Chemical Guys Butter Wax is its easy application.
    It can be applied in direct sunlight without any problems. It is also one of the easiest waxes to apply and spread on the vehicle.
  • Compatibility: It also works exceptionally well across the whole gamut of paint types, from metallic to ceramic and from matte to clear coat.
  • Ease: The company claims that the Chemical Guys Butter Wax is easy on and easy off and we can certainly attest to the fact that it is absolutely true. We had absolutely no trouble getting it on or off our cars.

Chemical Guys butter wax provides extremely durable protection, rich deep shine, and has cleansing powers. It is absolutely no surprise that we were thrilled to use it on our vehicles.

The max also claims to protect the paint from harmful ultraviolet lights and even fights off water spots. Overall, the Chemical Guys butter wax is one of the best carnauba wax 2022.

  • Pleasant fragrance.
  • Easy on, easy off.
  • Superbly rich shine.
  • Average rain protection.
  • OK weather sealing.
Epic Shine

Meguiar's D15601 Synthetic - Epic Shine

  • Good quality natural wax. (Synthetic)
  • The final results are awesome. (Rich deep shine)
  • The preparation takes time but it is quite easy to apply.
  • Provides high level of protection to the car paint.
  • The amount of fluid is enough to cover up a quarter year.

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Once in a while, we come across an impressive product and simply enjoy using it.

Meguiar’s Synthetic Wax is an impressive product but we did not enjoy using it at all, but we loved how the end results were.

In case you are wondering, yes applying this Synthetic Wax is a bit of a long process but to be fair, so is applying any other product on the list.

However, the company has made the wax very easy to apply, you only need to spray it on the surface and that is about it. The preparation is what takes a while to complete.

  • Technology: Meguiar’s Synthetic Wax uses a hydrophobic polymer based technology and delivers high quality and deeply rich shine.
  • Nature: That’s not all though, as it is a synthetic wax, it is able to provide high levels of protection as well. This wax is quite easy to apply and can be used even in direct sunlight, we tried that and we don’t recommend it at all because you will sizzle yourself.
  • Shine: One of the best things about the Meguiar’s Synthetic Wax is the deep wet looking shine that it produces. It is enough to put a smile on your face after you stand back and admire your handiwork.
  • Applicable: The wax can also be applied to plastic trims and rubber gaskets, this means it is safe to use on almost any surface on the vehicle.
In order to apply Meguiar’s Synthetic Wax, you will need to clean the vehicle up nicely.

  1. It is recommended that you wash the car thoroughly with a balanced pH car wash.
  2. After that, you have to dry out the car as well so it can take a bit of time.
    You can also check how clean the surface is by running your hand over it if it feels rough, this means there are some external chemicals bonded to the surface. If it is smooth to the touch, you are free to apply the wax on it.
  3. Spray it on and quickly spread it using a microfiber cloth, it is important that you don’t let the wax dry out on the surface to select a limited section to spray on.

Overall, the Meguiar’s Synthetic Wax is great car wax and can potentially last a long time after application.

The container is also large enough for multiple uses so you will be set for quite some time. This wax produces a deep looking shine and has hydrophobic protective properties that provide a great weather seal as well.

  • Spray makes it easier to apply.
  • The deep wet shine is remarkable.
  • Provides good levels of protection.
  • Preparing a vehicle is a long process.
  • Cannot allow the product to dry as it will leave streaks.
Best Paint Protection Wax

P&S Detailing Products C250P - Best Paint Protection Wax

  • Awesome paint protection.
  • Create a layer on the surface of the car which remains for weeks.
  • Awesome protection against all kind of weathers.
  • Creates Hydrophobic layer on the car.
  • Applicable on both, wet and dry surfaces.

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If you’re tired of rain leaving ugly streaks across your vehicle or even slimy mud defacing the look of your car, then the P&S Detailing Wax is the best car wax for you.

While it is actually not a car wax, it does almost the same job if it were one.

However, is very important that you know the difference between a paint protector and a car wax, the P&S Bead Maker will be really hard to remove once it is applied.

The paint will gain properties of the bead maker and while you can wax it after some time, it won’t be as effective as using the bead maker again.

  • Application: One of the best things about the P&S Detailing Wax is the application.
    (All you need to do is simply spray the product on the surface and that’s about it.)
  • Technology: This wax uses a special binding polymer monomer technology that produces a water beading. This results in a long-lasting finish that can last up to several months.
    (The best thing is, you can easily apply it on any surface whether it is dry or wet).
  • Protection: The P&S also comes with weather protection. The major difference between P&S and the others in this list is the surface migrating molecule that attaches itself to the paint surface.
    (The molecule then cross-links and polymerizes over the surface and attaches itself to the paint).
    The P&S also makes a hydrophobic layer over the surface of your vehicle, so rain or water won’t be able to leave streak marks.

A major point to be noted here is that while the application is easy, the curing time is around 2 to 3 hours. So keep that in mind before applying the P&S Bead Maker C250P on the car.

  • The best paint protection coating available in the market..
  • Superior protection.
  • Hydrophobic coating.
  • Long curing time.
  • Not easy to remove at all.
Super Shine

Chemical Guys TVD_109_16 - Super Shine

  • Good shine finishing on all kind of surfaces.
  • Can be used on the interior part of the vehicle.
  • Strong protection against weather.
  • Restore the OEM look of your car.
  • Compatible on rubber and plastic surfaces.

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The Chemical Guys Silk Shine provides a high shine finish to almost all surfaces including vinyl, plastics, tires, rubbers, and even dashboards.

This will allow the surface to shine and not attract dust for a reasonable amount of time. The Chemical Guys Silk Shine basically helps you restore the OEM look of your car.
  • Weather Protection: One of the best features of the Chemical Guys Silk Shine is its ability to form a refined weather protective layer over surfaces.
  • Surface Protection: The Weather Tek formula is able to penetrate deeply into the surfaces and nourish them for weeks. (The sun blockers in the formula also protect the surfaces from ultraviolet rays that can crack, fade or even break certain surfaces like rubber and plastic).

The Chemical Guys Silk Shine is also water-based. So it is completely dry to the touch despite looking deeply wet to the eyes.

It is a great way to give a deep shine to your interior or exterior rubber, plastic, or vinyl surfaces. Another great thing about the Chemical Guys Silk Shine is the ease of use, it comes in a spray can that can be easily applied to any surface.

You can simply apply the spray to a microfiber pad or foam.

  • Incredible shine.
  • Can be easily applied.
  • Can be used on the interior.
  • It is not long-lasting.
  • Some people might find the smell odd.
Maternal Touch

Mothers 07240 California Gold - Maternal Touch

  • Clay bar waxing system.
  • Extremely safe to use on all kind of painted surfaces.
  • The final results are stunning.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can pick up dust particles very easily.

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Mothers California Gold is a clay bar system that helps you in removing embedded metal grains, airborne environmental deposits and tree sap from your vehicle.

While it may seem like a clay bar on a painted surface is not a great idea, the Mothers California Gold is perfectly safe to be used on a painted surface.

It is absolutely not hazardous to the paint and is just about firm enough to pick up all the debris without putting any stress on the paint.

The Mothers California Gold is the perfect way to get rid of paint falling grime and prepare your vehicle for a proper waxing.

So basically, the Mothers California Gold might actually be the best car wax of 2022 for a number of people, it is still going to help you in making your car or vehicle look absolutely stunning.

The Mothers California Gold comes with a spray and a clay bar. Working in small sections, you need to spray an ample amount on the surface.

You can even use a microfiber cloth to dry off any extra instant detailer that may have been sprayed on.

If you’re dealing with any problematic area, apply the instant detailer and it will act as a lubricant between the surface and the clay bar making your work easier.

One of the biggest cons of using a clay bar on a vehicle is that it is absolutely great at picking up deposits.

This also means that the wax will also be picked up by their clay bar. It is highly recommended that you are ready to re-wax the surface after using the Mothers California Gold Clay Kit.

Another thing to be noted about the Mothers California Gold is that the clay bar cannot be cleaned.

Once you’ve used it a couple of times on a car it will get dirty and you’ll have to replace it with a new one.

This is exactly why Mothers California Gold comes with 2 clay bars for you to use. It’s not a con, but it is certainly the nature of the method being used.

  • Extremely great at picking up particles.
  • Can really clean the surface.
  • An important step in wax preparation.
  • Takes off wax as well.
  • Bar will need to be replaced after 2 to 3 uses of the vehicle.
Armored Finish

Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat - Armored Finish

  • The 8 ounces of fluid is enough for waxing 4-5 times.
  • It helps in carwash and wax at the same time.
  • The formula claims to be no-streaking, smearing or scratching.
  • Compatiable for motorbikes, cars, and boats.
  • It can help in removing dit and grease particles.

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If you’re tired of putting in a lot of work and effort into making your vehicle shine, then the Shine Armor Fortify is the perfect solution.

Its three in one formula allows you to achieve stellar results without a lot of effort and money. The Shine Armor Fortify is a waterless carwash system and waxing product that does all of it in one go.

It comes in a spray and works beautifully well on a number of surfaces. Want to make your car clean and shiny in one go? the Shine Armor Fortify is one of the best products to do so.

You might be thinking that is Shine Armor Fortify worth $20 for only 8 ounces? The answer is yes.

However, we highly recommend that you power wash your car first so that the bad grime gets taken out by water and you’ll save the product in the long run. Doing that also saves you towels, which is always a plus.

The Shine Armor Fortify comes with a no streaking, scratching or smearing formula.

The quick code premium formula can be used on almost any surface of any vehicle. From motorbikes to cars and from boats to even small planes (if you’re rich enough to own one, don’t go spraying planes at the airport).

The product is capable of cutting down dirt, grease, and even grime. The end result is epic, the car not only looks cleaner but also has a beautiful looking shine to it.

Another point to be noted here is that the Shine Armor Fortify comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So you won’t be losing any money if the product is not up to your expectations.

It will be hard to get off chunkier grime with this, you’ll need to put in some effort.

  • Superb packaging.
  • Easy application.
  • Saves time and effort.
  • Shine is not as glossy as other products.
  • It will be hard to get off chunkier grime with this, you’ll need to put in some effort.
Best for Car Detailing Business

Chemical Guys TVD_109 - Best for Car Detailing Business

  • Comes in extreme quantity. (Good for detailing businesses)
  • Extremely easy to apply.
  • Applicable on all kind of surfaces including vinyl, rubber, tires, plastics and others.
  • Extremely protective against UVrays and different weather conditions.
  • Protects the surface for not only days but weeks.

Check Price on Amazon

The Chemical Guys Silk Shine is for those who are looking to shine multiple cars, own a car shining business or are super rich with 6 cars.

The huge 128 fl. Oz container will be able to take care of all your shining needs for a respectable amount of time.

  • Application: One of the best things about the Chemical Guys Silk Shine is how easy it is to apply. You can even spray it on surfaces and it will work just fine.
    (The formula is also surprisingly dry to the touch, despite looking wet and glossy.)
  • Finish: We also like how the shine is not greasy, you won’t get any “yucky” feeling when interacting with the interior of your newly shined car.
  • Diversity: The Chemical Guys Silk Shine is perfectly fine to be used on vinyl, rubber, car tires, plastics, and even the dashboard, so the feel of coating matters a lot.
  • Lifespan: The formula is specially designed to penetrate deep and nourish the surface for not only days but for weeks.
    (During our testing, the Chemical Guys Silk Shine was able to last quite a long time which makes it a highly lucrative product.)
  • Protection: There are sun blockers added to the Chemical Guys Silk Shine that keep harmful UV rays from affecting your car’s paint. They also help in protecting plastic and rubber surfaces from cracking from direct sunlight.

The Chemical Guys Silk Shine provides a remarkable coating that is just like OEM but also helps keep dust and dirt off the surface.

While it is not exactly the best car wax of 2022, it still has some of the best properties of a natural wax but with the added features of a synthetic mix.

The large container of Chemical Guys Silk Shine is recommended for those who love stockpiling or need a larger container for more applications.

Businesses especially will be able to take advantage of the larger container and also gain a sizeable monetary discount on bulk purchase.

  • Incredible shine.
  • Large container means no frequent need for refills.
  • Can be used on the interior.
  • Not all people will appreciate the smell.
  • Lasts a respectable amount of time but doesn’t compare well with other products.

Why should you Trust us? – Buyer’s Guide

car wax buyers guide

We are your run-of-the-mill, middle-class folks who drive to work every day.

Some ride bikes some come on cars and one comes on a jeep for some reason.

Are we the wax scientists?
No way, not at all. But we know a good shine when we see one.

While our methods weren’t exactly scientific, we think natural usage on our own cars helped us understand each product more. We tested around 20 products for this list and most of them were impressive, however, we selected the top 10 so that you don’t have to look at an even longer list.

We think we’ve covered almost all the ground when it comes to the best car waxes out there.

Why Get a Car Wax?

There are several benefits of using car wax on your vehicle. Here are a few of the prominent ones that will help make your mind up about getting a car wax:

  • Protection against Scratches: A good car wax will essentially make your car resist scratches. This means small pieces of debris won’t be able to scratch your paint job. While it won’t make it completely impervious to large rocks or pebbles, a healthy coat of wax will certainly increase the chances of less damage.
  • No Paint Chipping: If you want to keep the paintwork of your vehicle intact, a good coat of wax is one of the easiest and best ways to do so. Especially if you’re going off-road, the wax can help protect the vehicle from road debris that can chip the paint off the vehicle.
  • Easy Washing: A layer of wax is exactly that, a layer between the paint and external elements. Many of the car waxes today bring water-resistant properties, this means that a lot of stuff won’t stick to your vehicle. As a result, washing your car will become easier.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Car Wax?

While there are several factors that you need to look at while purchasing a car wax, we’ve narrowed it down to 3 major factors:

Final FinishApplicationProtection
This depends on your personal taste. Do you want the showroom ready look or do you want to go one step further and make the car practically reflect light?

This all depends on the wax you use. Usually, liquid waxes that come with carnauba or oils can help bring out a deeper glossier look.

Many waxes come in a liquid state these days which are quite easy to apply. Natural based waxes require a little bit more effort to fully work in and buff.

If you want to go the easiest route, a spray based wax is the easiest one however it won’t be as protective as other types.

Synthetic waxes are designed to provide longer protection than their natural counterparts.

This is where signs come in and help out with the protection of the paint job.

However, natural carnauba waxes may not have fancy hydrophobic features or last as long as synthetic waxes, they provide the best kind of protection and weather resistance.

There are 2 major types of car waxes:

Natural WaxSynthetic Wax
Best Natural Car Wax

The natural car wax is a product of a carnauba palm tree that is combined with another substance like turpentine or beeswax.

It is capable of delivering a deep and shiny sheen to the vehicle. If you have a darker colored vehicle, this is the best type of wax to use on it because it will look incredible. The natural car waxes are also capable of providing better paint protection and hydrophobic properties

The downside is that they will diminish quickly.

The synthetic wax which is also known as a paint sealant is made from special polymers that can form bonds with the paint. In common terms, it means that the synthetic wax will be able to stay bound for a longer period of time, up to a year almost.

Synthetic car wax can provide good protection against whether but is not able to provide the same level of shine you would get from carnauba wax.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finally, here are some of the most asked question regarding the topic.

How long shall I leave wax on the car?

It depends on the temperature and a number of other factors really. First of all, which kind of wax is being used, spray waxes take less time while the liquid/paste may take more than that. Most of the time, it takes 10 minutes to 15 minutes before starting to wipe it down.

Does wax ruin car paint?

If you are buying a quality wax, it won’t do such a thing. Other than that, you may want to go through the proper car waxing procedure to stay safe.

Does a car wash remove wax?

If you are using proper car shampoo, it won’t remove the waxed layer. In case if you want to take off the wax, a clay bar can be used to shear off the top layer.

How frequently should I wax my car?

It depends on the area really. If it often rains in your area you may want to go for once every 2 months, and if it’s not waxing 3-4 times a year is enough.

Is car wash wax any good for my car?

The Car wash wax and Spray-on waxes are good but you won’t get the same results or even close to the level of applying the wax by hand. If you want your car to look like it just got out of the showroom, you may want to go for hand wax. It may take much more time, but the end results are superb.


This concludes the best car wax of the 2022 list.

We hope that this list helps you make a conscious and well-judged decision about your car wax purchase. We also hope that your car looks beautiful like the day it came from the showroom.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about this list, feel free to drop a comment below. We always love to hear from you.


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