Best OBD2 Scanner 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide


The Best Car Diagnostic Scanner of 2021:

Noticing your vehicle’s malfunction indicator light pop up on your dashboard is the last thing you would want to see. Going to the mechanic to get your vehicle checked is another time consuming and probably an expensive thing to do.

But, it’s 2021, and thanks to On-Board Diagnostics 2, you can save much of your precious time and possibly hundreds of dollars by quickly scanning your car for any possible issues without having to go to the mechanic.

It’s quick, it’s efficient, and it is very easy to use.

OBD, short for “On-Board Diagnostics”, is your vehicle’s built-in self-diagnostic system.

The 2 in OBD2 refers to the second generation of this device, which in fact, is a big advancement from the first generation.

These scanners work on almost all cars made since 1996.

Best OBD2 Scanners 2021

To make things easier for you, we have compiled and reviewed a list of 10 professional car diagnostic tools.

In case you are wondering if buying one of these would empty up your wallet or not, I have got you covered. All these car diagnostic scanners that are going to be reviewed are under $100, which is a very good deal to help save you way more money in the future.

It’s a one-time investment and is good for at least a couple of years, if not more.

  • Features: Bluetooth Scanner, iPhone and Android Compatible, and Maintenance Reminders.
  • Benefits: Extremely easy to use, easy to carry, and keep all the logs.
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  • Features: Read and Clear complex codes, Compatible to Android and IOS, Smog Test Function
  • Benefits: Lightweight, Extremely user friendly, advanced data readings.
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  • Features: Bluetooth Scanner, Android Compatible, Compatible with imported cars.
  • Benefits: 2-year warranty, Very budget friendly, Work swiftly, and Reliable.
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  • Features: Handheld Scanner, Built-in Error Codes Library, Display and print, STM 32-bit CPU.
  • Benefits: No smartphone required and No connection breakage.
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  • Features: Built-in display, Can be used with android or without any smartphone, Supports multiple languages.
  • Benefits: No phone required, Can detect and clear 99% error codes.
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So, without further ado, let’s start reviewing our list of top 10 obd2 scanners you can buy in 2021.

Best Wireless OBD2 Scanner

FIXD 2nd Generation - Best Wireless OBD2 Scanner

  • Complete malfunction indicator light diagnostics.
  • Easy to use and instinctive.
  • Keeps an updated logbook all the time.
  • Keeps track of wear items of the car.
  • Reads enhanced codes for vehicles made after 1996.

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With a variety of features to offer, the FIXD OBD2 Professional is the perfect scanner for your vehicle, considering its price tag, and the features it offers for it.

This scanner helps out with the most common problem, that is, the check engine light.

It carefully carries out the diagnostics and understands the severity of the issue, and then finally clears it out, saving a trip to the mechanic.

It is an extremely user-friendly device, which connects to your smartphone in an instant. Other than this, it also keeps track of your vehicle’s tires tread, wipers and battery life.

FIXD gives you maintenance reminders whenever needed or due. It also keeps a record of all the other cars you have connected the device with.

Another thing that would attract a lot of audiences is the feature that this scanner gives you a detailed report of all the maintenance work that has to be done along with an estimated cost for it. The sensor itself does not have to be charged every now and then.

It gets its power from the OBD port in the car so it saves you from the hassle of recharging it.

Furthermore, the logbook would also keep recent scanned results for you to refer back to at a later date, giving you a complete record of your vehicle.

Despite all this, there are some drawbacks to this device as well.

  • The most prominent one being that it can not be used on vehicles that are not gas-powered.
    (This means that it would not work on all-electric and diesel vehicles.)
  • Also, as the app is connected to FIXD servers online, there has to be an internet connection at all times for the app to work and there are occasional network errors too.

The bottom line is, it is an affordable car diagnostics tool with plenty of features to help you out in an easy and simple manner. With its app available on the AppStore and the PlayStore, it is available to the majority of the consumers with ease. The app does all the remaining work including diagnostics, reminders, and maintenance.

  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable.
  • User-Friendly.
  • Maintenance reminders.
  • Connectivity issues.
  • Does not on vehicles that are not gas-powered.
Compatible with Android and IOS

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro - Compatible with Android and IOS

  • Read and clear Malfunction Indicator Light.
  • Read and clear enhanced codes.
  • Make repair reports for the vehicle.
  • Check if the vehicle is ready for a smog test.
  • The data readings are very advanced.

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It is one of the highest-rated and most consumer loved scanner.

  • Professionals Choice: Bluedriver is the ideal device for professionals with its advanced data readings which helps in better and more accurate diagnostics for the car. It helps to read and clear the check engine light along with many enhanced codes as well.
  • Supporting OS: This device is officially licensed for iOS and Android devices which makes it user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Reporting: Unlike many scanners, Bluedriver quickly makes a report if it finds any problem in the car and suggests possible fixes to them, and gives the user the option to send the reports directly to their technician for further analysis.

This device is portable as it fits in the palm of your hand and weighs just around 2.08 ounces.

Furthermore, it also tells it the vehicle is ready for a smog readiness test which gives it an upper hand over other scanners. It helps save you money and time as you can go for a test once you are confident enough that your car will pass it.
Despite it being one of the best obd2 scanner, it has some flaws too.

  • For instance, it has a higher cost as compared to others in the market. It has compatibility issues with some cars so you have to make sure if it works with yours before you buy it.
  • Other than this, it has some issues with the app as well such as the Bluetooth connection often drops while carrying out the diagnostics.

In a nutshell, this is the consumer favorite device with professional output. It is most suitable for car enthusiasts and technicians as it shares the most detailed diagnostics on their smartphone. An expensive tool as compared to others but is of great value for money. Despite all its flaws with the app or the device itself, the positive aspects greatly outweigh the negative ones, making it a worthy purchase.

  • Advanced data readings.
  • Smog readiness test.
  • Lightweight.
  • User-friendly.
  • BlueDriver sensors and apps.
  • Expensive.
  • Compatibility issues.
  • Issues with the application.
Amazon Best Seller

BAFX OBDII Reader - Amazon Best Seller

  • Comes with a 2-year official warranty.
  • Read and Clear Malfunction Indicator Light.
  • Compatible with foreign cars.
  • Reliable and consistent.
  • Also compatible with the cars which are manufactured out of USA..

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BAFX OBD2 Reader weighs about 2.4 ounces is a simple gadget that is good for the average joe. It quickly does the diagnoses and analyses the problems within moments for you to decide your next action.

Other than this, just like its more expensive competitor Bluedriver, it can also provide readings on your emissions to make sure you pass the test. BAFX maintains information on a variety of other car readings which includes clearing the malfunction indicator light.

Surprisingly for its cost, it works on a very wide variety of cars and has extremely good connectivity with your Android device as compared to many other scanners in the market right now

It can work on many vehicles on a broad range of countries outside the USA as well, making it an internationally well-known OBD2 scanner. This is an extremely well-priced scanner to help you out diagnosing your car problems pretty easily.

On the other hand, this device comes with some disadvantages as well, with the biggest one being that it is only supported by Android and Windows devices.

This means that it is a no go for iOS users. It is strictly constrained to Bluetooth use only, which means if your device has connectivity issues, you wouldn’t be able to use this product. Also, the included software is not the best out there but can be replaced with some other apps as well.

Overall, it surely is worth every penny despite having its flaws which include no support for iOS devices, which are often used by many people around the world. But the features it offers for its price tag along which includes the ability to be used on cars that are not manufactured in the USA gives it an upper hand.

  • Easy to use.
  • Cheap as compared to others.
  • Fast and efficient tool.
  • No iOS support.
  • Strictly Bluetooth connectivity only.
  • Included software not as good.
Best Wired OBD2 Scanner

ANCEL AD410 - Best Wired OBD2 Scanner

  • QVGA Display.
  • Read and Clear Malfunction Indicator Light.
  • Reading Free Frame Data.
  • Built-in DTC lookup library.
  • Lifetime free online upgrade.

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This device is the first one in the list that has an in-built screen, which means it saves you from the hassle of connecting the scanner with your mobile phone.


It is just this scanner directly plugged into your vehicle, which means you won’t face any kind of connectivity issues as there are no third-party apps or third-party devices that are displaying the diagnostics.

Speaking of vehicles, this scanner is compatible with a variety of cars in the market.

Once the scanner finds the error in your car, it will give you a trouble code and also briefly explain what it means, so you can fix it yourself if possible, saving you plenty of time and money.

  • Display: Ancel AD410 has a 2.4-inch Thin-Film Transistor True Color (262K) Liquid Crystal Display which shows clear test results.
  • Updates: This device also gives you the option to “Review and Print” the report for later use and provides you the advantage of lifetime updates without any additional cost.
    (Simply go to its official website, that is, Ancel Tech for your future updates.)
  • ERROR Code Library: Ancel AD410 also comes with a built-in DTC lookup library to help you figure out what the error codes mean, making it a user-friendly scanner.
  • CPU: It comes with a more advanced STM 32-bit CPU which makes the process much faster and efficient.
Let’s talk about negative factors, shall we?

  • First of all, the codes can be really hard to interpret for the average person as they are a bit technical, which might cause difficulties to see what the actual problem is with the car.
  • Also, as it does not have support for a third-party app on a smartphone or a laptop, the diagnostics can not be carried out wirelessly, which is a major drawback for some people.

To summarize, it is a great device as it can help save a lot of money and trips to the mechanic to diagnose your car. It is also perfect for people who like to keep things professional such as car enthusiasts and mechanics. This technicality, on the other hand, can be a bit of a problem for an average user though.

  • It has a powerful central processing unit.
  • Lifetime online upgrades.
  • No need for any other device to use.
  • Wide variety of DTCs.
  • Can not be used wirelessly.
  • Some codes are hard to understand.
Code Reading Adapter Only

Foseal OBD Fusion - Code Reading Adapter Only

  • 100% money-back guarantee during the first 18 months.
  • Reset engine lights.
  • Clear error codes.
  • Works on many Japanese and European imports.
  • Compatible with all operating systems.

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Foseal does a very good job at explaining what the error codes mean as it is connected to your device, regardless of its software.

It has support for Android, iOS, and Windows as well. It also gives the consumer the choice to choose from a series of applications and select the one that is the most suitable for them.

This scanner gives you a lot of information about your car, which includes, engine RPM, coolant temperature, fuel pressure, etc. Despite being pretty inexpensive, Foseal is compatible with all OBDII protocols, including CAN-BUS. The wifi compatibility allows it to work wirelessly, as many people prefer it over a wired connection.

This device also does a wonderful job interpreting the trouble codes so an average person can understand it without any trouble. Also, the ability to be used wirelessly gives the user the opportunity to scan the vehicle on the go as well. So, you don’t necessarily have to be stationary to give your car a quick scan.

Well, being at #5, it can not be that perfect… make sense?

  • This device has some connectivity issues as it totally depends on your internet connection. It means that if your connection is unstable, there can be some lagging.
  • It does not work with a few car models, which include the 2012 Ford Fusion, 2014 BRZ, etc. Furthermore, third-party apps include In-App purchases for full functionality, which is an additional cost.

Conclusively, it is a pretty good deal considering its price and is an ideal scanner for an amateur user. It is great to be used on the go and its support for all kinds of operating systems is a big advantage. Despite its narrower compatibility as compared to its rivals, and the inability to work without an internet connection, it still does a pretty good job carrying out the diagnostics.

  • Inexpensive.
  • User-friendly.
  • Can be used on the go.
  • Connectivity issues.
  • Narrower variety of cars.
  • Additional costs for the application.
The Budget Pick (Under $10)

Kitbest Mini OBD Scanner - The Budget Pick (Under $10)

  • Excellent compatibility with a very wide range of vehicles.
  • Comes with a 5 Year Warranty.
  • Wide variety of domestic and foreign vehicles compatibility.
  • Smog readiness check.
  • Read and Clear Malfunction Indicator Light.

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This handheld device which weighs around 0.32 ounces is one of the most portable scanners you will find in the market.

Despite having such a small size, this little thing is capable of carrying out tasks which many of its bigger rivals are unable to do so. The best part about this scanner is the fact that it is probably the most compatible device in its price bracket.

  • Compatible Cars: It supports many gasoline vehicles along with a range of electric vehicles as well, such as the Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf, etc. Also, this scanner can be used on a variety of cars that are manufactured outside of the USA, such as, India, Australia, Canada, Japan, and many more.
  • Ease of Use: It is also very easy to use the device, making it extremely suitable for beginners. The application it has for Android devices also gives the user the ability to check the vehicle speed, coolant temperature, fuel consumption, fuel pressure, etc.
  • Features: This device also allows the user to check if their vehicle is ready for a smog test or not. Furthermore, it also allows the consumer to see the freeze frame data and live-time sensor data on the dedicated application on their smartphone. Also, it has a variety of apps to choose from which include OBD Car Doctor, DashCommand, OBD Fusion, etc.
On the other hand, just like any other device, it has its flaws too.

  • The biggest flaw, in my opinion, is the fact that it only supports Android and Windows devices making it useless for iOS.
  • Also, it does not read ABS, Airbag, TPMS or Oil Change lights. Some of the dedicated apps also include In-App purchases for complete functionality.

Ultimately, it can be said that this device is well worth its price despite having its flaws. It is easy to use and is pretty cheap as compared to others, making it perfect for beginners. Its wide compatibility is a big factor for many people to choose this scanner for such an affordable price.

  • Inexpensive.
  • User-friendly.
  • Does not support iOS.
  • Functionality is limited.
  • Includes In-App purchases.
Basic Diagnostic Tool

Carista OBD2 - Basic Diagnostic Tool

  • Free 1 month trial on the app.
  • Read and Clear Malfunction Indicator Light.
  • Dealer-level electronic diagnostics.
  • Smog readiness test.
  • Easy to use.

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The Carista OBD2 Bluetooth adapter is another leading competitor in the OBD2 scanner department which is available at an attractive price. It does a great job carrying out the diagnostics of a vehicle and giving the reports.

It is compatible with all operating systems. Also, this device does a great job of reading and resetting the trouble codes in your car if it is manufactured locally and after 1996.


For a little more cash, in the form of In-App purchases, this device gives you access to various advanced features as well which include personalization of comfort and convenience features in your car.

It can also allow you to access different features that you might not even know that your car had or supported! Who doesn’t love surprises, eh?

For supported models, it also allows you to check tire pressure sensors, detailed ECU information and even does ABS/VSC/TRAC inspection.

This device is most suitable for luxurious cars such as Audi, BMW, Scion, Lexus, etc. the software interface is very plain and simple making it extremely easy for the user to understand the results, without having the need to consult an expert.

Unfortunately, this car does not support a very wide variety of vehicles, making it less compatible as opposed to many other scanners.

Also, In-App purchases are required for the Carista application to make full use of the premium features it offers, adding more to the cost.

In conclusion, considering the overall price and the features Carista offers, it is suitable for a large audience. Its user-friendliness gives it a heads up when compared with its competitors. It is good enough for beginners even without the premium features. But as far as technicians and other professionals are concerned, the advanced features are important to make complete use of this scanner.

  • Works well with luxury cars.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Many advanced features.
  • In-App Purchases for complete access.
  • Narrow variety of vehicles.
Complete OBDII Functionality

LAUNCH CR319 - Complete OBDII Functionality

  • In-built colorful screen.
  • DTC Library for interpretation of codes.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Read and Clear Malfunction Indicator Light.
  • Most American, European and Asian post 1996 made cars are covered.

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The Launch OBD2 is another well-known scanner for its built-in screen and ease of use. The built-in screen that does not require any use of a third-party application or a device to complete diagnostics of your vehicle.

It has a DTC library which allows the users to interpret what the error codes mean and then takes the step necessary. It supports models that are not only domestically manufactured, but also European and Asian OBDII-compliant models made after 1996.

It supports all OBD2 protocols. Launch OBD2 is fairly quick in connecting as compared to wireless connections because of being a wired scanner. (Wireless connections need time to connect and they lag as well depending on the connectivity.)

It is a great device for viewing graphical live data of vehicle’s computer modules.

Once you purchase the scanner itself, there are no other charges to have complete access to what this device has to offer. So considering the price, this is a good option if you want to choose a scanner with an in-built screen and a wired connection.

Despite the good aspects, this device can not be used wirelessly and it might not be convenient for some people. Also, some of its codes can be hard to interpret for some beginners despite the DTC library it has. Furthermore, there are little or no software updates on this device.

Overall, it is a good value for money product and it also features support for many languages. It is a good option for beginners who need a seamless and a wired connection as it is affordable and does the basic work pretty well. It has wide compatibility and ease of use.

  • Inexpensive.
  • User-friendly.
  • No lag or connectivity issues.
  • Can not be used wirelessly.
  • Some codes might be difficult to understand.
  • Little to no software updates.
Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool

Veepeak OBD2 Checker - Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool

  • Universal Vehicle Compatibility.
  • Read and Clear Malfunction Indicator Light.
  • Smog readiness test.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compatible with a variety of applications.

Check Price on Amazon

Veepeak is a great device when it comes to functionality and compatibility.

This device alone is compatible with all OBD2 and EOBD compliant cars and can be used with many third-party apps on your smartphones such as OBD Fusion and DashCommand. This device supports Android, iOS and Windows phones as well. So, you don’t have to worry about any sort of compatibility issues when using this scanner, which can be bought within a $50 budget.

  • User-Friendly: This device is pretty easy to use for someone who is new to all this and helps take care of basic errors with ease.
  • Battery Consumption: This little device consumes very little energy from the battery which means that you can keep it running for a longer period without having to worry about your battery draining out.
  • VOM: If you consider the value of money for this device, it does a great job, provided all its features and affordability.

This scanner also gives you a heads up when your vehicle is ready for a smog check-up. As far as other features are concerned, it also monitors fuel economy, allows you to create your dashboard, and many other things as well.

On the other hand, there are often connectivity issues when using this device because it is a wireless connection nevertheless.

  • It is also reported by some users that the ABS light starts to flash when the device is connected with the vehicle but is fixed by itself.
  • Also, despite its wide compatibility, it is reported that it has some issues with the Torque Pro app.

Conclusively, it is still a pretty durable and affordable scanner and is widely compatible with a variety of apps and vehicles. Its user-friendliness is another major reason why many beginners would love using it. So, if you are looking for a device that is easy to set up and use, this can be a very good option for you.

  • Wide compatibility.
  • Affordable.
  • User-friendly.
  • Connectivity issues.
  • Possible issues with some apps.
Plug & Play Function

Vgate iCar Pro - Plug & Play Function

  • Read and Clear Malfunction Indicator Light.
  • 2 Year official warranty.
  • Universal Compatibility.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compatible with many third-party apps.

Check Price on Amazon

The Vgate iCar Pro is the last but not the least on our top 10 best OBD2 scanners list.

It is a smartly engineered product that is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones and comes under a $50 budget.

  • 3rd-Party App: In case, you want more technical and professional features, you can still download any third-party app on your mobile and use them as well.
  • OBD2 and EOBD: This scanner works well with all OBDII and EOBD compliant vehicles and has support for all OBDII protocols as well
  • Sleep Mode: There is an additional smart feature which sends the scanner to sleep mode when the engine of the car has been turned off for 30 minutes and then wakes it up again when the doors unlock, start up the engine, or connect with the Vgate’s official app.

Vgate does its work pretty well and efficiently, which includes clearing and reading the check engine light if it pops up out of nowhere on your dashboard. Its dedicated app is absolutely free to use and is really user-friendly which makes it a very convenient device for beginners.

Despite all these extraordinary features, you can still find some lagging or other connectivity issues as it is a wireless connection after all. Also, third-party apps that might offer more functions cost In-App purchases as well, which is an additional cost.

Overall, it is a fairly good option as a scanner for your car. It carries out the diagnostics very well and is affordable as well, keeping in mind the functions and features it has to offer. Vgate is user-friendly with much to offer such as vehicle speed, coolant temperature, fuel pressure, engine rpm, air flow rate, etc. However, it must be noted that it does not work with heavy-duty vehicles such as semi-trucks and tractors.

  • User-friendly.
  • Compatible with all operating systems.
  • Budget Friendly.
  • The dedicated app has a great interface.
  • Connectivity issues.
  • In-App purchases for third-party apps and professional features.

The Ideal Buyer’s Guide

There are various scanners out there and to choose the one that would meet all your needs, you need to do a bit of digging. To make this process of choosing a scanner easy for you, we have prepared the perfect buyers guide that will take into account all the factors that you need to consider.

OBD2 Scanner Buyers Guide

Bluetooth and Handheld

There are multiple kinds of scanners, but the most used ones are Bluetooth scanners and hand-held scanners. The Bluetooth scanners are the ones that connect wirelessly to your smartphone and you can carry out the diagnostics from there. The hand-held scanners, on the other hand, use a wired connection directly with the car. Both of these have their pros and cons which can be seen earlier in the article.

Scanning Tool Type

There are two types of OBD2 Car Scanning tools. You need to choose whether you require an OBD2 scan tool or an OBD2 code reader. Both of these serve their specific purposes, for instance, the OBD2 scan tool provides you with advanced troubleshooting information, whereas the OBD2 code reader can only read and clear codes from the car which has an OBD2 installed.


If you have selected a Bluetooth scanner, make sure it supports the operating system of your smartphone. Not all scanners support iOS. Mostly do support Android but as far as iOS is concerned, you need to confirm it before making the purchase.

Data Storage

Also, keep in mind the type of data storage the scanner supports and whether it meets your demand or not. For example, if you are a mechanic and have multiple cars to be checked, make sure you choose a scanner that has an organized data storage format.

Build QualityBrandLive FeedUser FriendlinessUpdates
You need to make sure that the scanner you buy is made up of satisfactory quality so it holds up for as long as possible, without you having to worry about changing it over and over again.

The build quality is also important because there are products out there that don’t work as advertised and have a shorter lifespan.

This factor is somewhat correlated with the next key factor which involves the brand which you ultimately choose.

Keep in mind that the brand is a very important factor when it comes to any sort of product.

Just make sure you buy from a reliable and a high rated brand so you get the most out of your scanner. A well-known brand that has confidence in its product normally offers a warranty as well for the buyer in case the product is not as advertised or if it has any other fault in it.

This means that buying a branded scanner would mean you don’t have to worry about it malfunctioning or not working at all. After all, it is quite some investment.

You need to make sure that you get yourself a scanner that supports live feed and readily gives the results so that they are as accurate and efficient as possible and it is easier for you to get to the root of the problem in your vehicle.
Before buying a scanner, just see how well you understand what the app or in the in-built screen displays and whether it is understandable for you, especially if you are a beginner.

In case you are a professional, you still need to keep in mind the user-friendliness.

In case you go for an in-built screen scanner, you need to consider the fact whether it receives software updates to make the device better and faster overtime or not.

If there are no updates, it is highly expected that the scanner gets outdated soon, because of the technological advancements in the automotive industry.

In a nutshell, it is not difficult to choose the most suitable scanner for your vehicle.

All you need to do is go through the buying guide and consider all the key factors before choosing your OBDII scanner.

After all, taking care of your vehicle and always having peace of mind that everything is fine and the vehicle is in perfect condition is a wonderful feeling.

Hence, to get the most out of your scanner and for your ease and comfort, make sure you do your complete research before choosing the final product as these scanners go as high as $100 and sometimes even more.

My Opinion – What do I suggest?

In my opinion, wired scanners are a better and more convenient option for professionals and enthusiasts as the results are more efficient and quicker as compared to wireless connections.

On the other hand, a wireless connection, via Bluetooth or WiFi, is a more suitable option for casual users as it is easy to use because of user-friendly application on the smartphone to show the results of the diagnostics.

That is all you need to know before you choose the best diagnostic tool for your vehicle or for your profession if it involves checking and regulating a lot of cars!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finally, here are some of the most asked question regarding the topic.

What is an OBD tool?

OBD stands for “On-Board Diagnostics” which is a vehicle’s built-in self-diagnostic system. It is found in many cars produced after 1996 in the USA as CARB made it mandatory for every vehicle after the recommendation of the Society of Automotive Engineers.

How does an OBD2 scanner work?

An OBD2 scanner is connected to your vehicle using a wired or a wireless connection and it scans the vehicle for any possible errors such as Malfunction Indicator Light popping up.

Once the scanner is connected to the 16 pin connector, it runs the diagnostics and shows the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) which is the main problem that the car is facing, for instance, in the example given, it would briefly explain why the engine light has popped up.

Where is the OBD2 connector in the vehicle?

The OBD2 connector is located under the dashboard and can be often closed with a plastic cover with OBD written on it. It can also be found behind ashtrays or under the steering wheel. It is often covered, and often visible in plain sight.

It depends on the car you have. It varies from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer. More or less, it is in the same position for every vehicle that is IBD2 compliant.

How to identify an OBD2 connector?

The OBD2 connector is a 16 pin connector that is found in all OBD2 compliant vehicles manufactured after 1996.

Oftentimes, there is a marking on the cover, if there is any, which clearly states OBD. Also, there is just one connector in that area where the OBD is found so you don’t have to worry about mixing it up with any other connector because there isn’t any.

What kind of errors can an OBD2 scanner detect?

The OBD2 scanner can detect a range of problems depending on the type of scanner you use. The errors may include check engine light, emissions and smog tests, etc.

There are several other errors that it detects as well and shows the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) so that the user can identify what is the core of the problem and try and fix it.

How many types of OBD2 scanners are there?

OBD2 scanners are mainly of three types. Some are Bluetooth scanners that use third-party applications and a third-party device to help with the diagnostics.

Others include pc scanners which help with the diagnostics by a connection with a computer.

Lastly, the most professional ones are the hand-held scanners that you devices with in-built screens to display the diagnostics and have a wired connection with the car itself.

Does my car has OBD2 compatibility?

It was a mandatory standard in the USA for cars and light trucks to have OBD2 produced in 1996.

Later in 2001, it was made necessary for light gas cars and trucks in the EU to be OBD2 compliant. Similarly, in 2004, the EU made OBD2 mandatory in Diesel cars and light trucks. Finally, in 2005 and 2010, medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles were made mandatory to be OBD2 compliant.

Hence, if you purchased the car according to these years, it is highly probable that your vehicle is OBD2 compatible.

Why is there a need for a diagnostic tool?

An OBD2 is a diagnostic tool for your vehicle which is more or less a need as well. It is because this simple and affordable device that can potentially help you save a lot of money and time.

It can even save you from the hassle of going to a mechanic over and over again for the slightest of issues in your vehicle. Many scanners also give live readings and regular reminders to keep your car in perfect health and everything updated.

These are only a few reasons to keep a diagnostic tool by yourself. Others may include the ability to inspect a vehicle before you purchase it, add or modify features of the car or even provide real-time data.


It is a one-time investment that can help you save money and time over several years.

So make sure you keep one of these portable and handy devices with yourself and make complete use of it.

Get the best there is to suit your needs!


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